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A funeral, memorial or a blessing provides a special, dedicated time and space to acknowledge the reality of a loved one’s death, recognise and honour that life and love, and articulate sorrow and grief at the loss. 

The funeral with its ritualism and symbolism, tributes, music and readings, reflection, prayers, committal and blessings is an important ceremony to bid farewell to a loved one. 


It brings grieving family members and friends together to comfort and support one another as they honour and acknowledge the death of a loved one from the physical world.


It's a special time to share memories, give solace and express love for both the person who has died and for the people left behind.


I can deliver a service that can be traditional or informal, incorporate rituals, cultural aspects and elements of faith and spirituality. It’s what you want that matters.

Funeral Celebrant Services

The funeral director will connect us, but you can ask for me or get in touch with me directly.

I will then call you to arrange a meeting, usually at your place, to listen to your wishes for the funeral and the story of your loved one.

I will be sensitive to how you want their life story to be told and your ideas of the structure and content of the service.

An experienced funeral celebrant, I will support and guide you through the planning with care and compassion so we can craft a beautiful ceremony together.

I will write the service - and the eulogy if you wish - and assist with the themes and content of tributes by family and friends. I can suggest readings or music if it helps.

I will liaise with the funeral director on the order of service and your special needs and on the day I will be honoured to lead the funeral service.

I also write and conduct memorial services, blessings, internment of ashes and unveilings of headstones, again following this collaborative process where your wishes are paramount.

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